Estimates and Orders Basics

What is an Order?

An order in Noosh is a financial transaction between a supplier and a buyer. An order is initiated by the buyer and is accepted or rejected by the supplier.

What is a Quick Order?

A quick order is an order that is placed directly from a Buyer without requesting estimates first. Generally, a Buyer would place a quick order for an item or items they have ordered in the past and know the expected price.

The supplier can choose to accept a quick order with the buyer provided price, or edit the quick order and provide their own price.

What is an Estimate?

An estimate is the quote provided by a supplier to a buyer using the Noosh service.

What is an Order Status?

There are five order statuses available for Buyers and Suppliers to communicate about an order. These are not the same as project statuses. Project statuses are used by Buyers only and are not shared across workgroups. Order statuses are shared by anyone who has access to an order.

The five order statuses available are:

  • Accepted Not Yet Shipped
  • Partially Shipped
  • Shipped
  • Delivered
  • Completed

When an order is placed, the status automatically becomes Accepted. Once accepted, the Buyer may change the status at any time. Once an order is Completed, the status may no longer be changed. If the order has any pending change orders, the order status cannot be changed to Complete.

Suppliers can change the status of an order to Partially Shipped and Shipped.

What is an RFE?

A request for estimate (RFE) is a tool used to get pricing for specs and projects. RFEs are created within projects and sent to suppliers for review. In response, suppliers submit estimates.

What is a Shipment?

A shipment is delivery information communicated between the buyer and the supplier. A shipment is attached to a spec, and is included in an RFE or order for a project. To provide shipment information for all specs in a project a shipment must be created for each spec.

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