Working With Order Blaster

The main purpose of the Order Blaster is to automatically issue orders and change orders based on information that has been entered in Direct Mail specs. The Order Blaster will read the information in the cells in ALL the Direct Mail specifications in the project and generate orders accordingly.

The Order Blaster is designed to be incremental. This means that you can trigger the Order Blaster again and again and it will only produce new orders or update existing orders if changes were made to the Direct Mail specs since the last time the Order Blaster was run.

How to user the Order Blaster

If you have the Order Blaster functionality enabled in your version of Noosh 5, you can access the Order Blaster through the Orders section of the GUI.

Running the Order Blaster:

  1. Navigate to the Project Home page.
  2. Click on a project that contains the spec that you want to use for your new order.
  3. Click Orders in the Project Menu.
  4. Select List from the Orders drop-down menu.

The Orders page appears.

  1. Click Generate DM Orders.

The Custom Procurement page appears.

  1. Check the required options. You can check all four options if you wish.
  2. Click Generate Orders.
  3. The Order Acknowledgement page appears.

Note: No orders will be generated if an order has already been generated and no quantities have changed since it was generated.



Every time you run the Order Blaster, all Direct Mail specs in the project are stamped with the time the last order type was run.

Types of Order Event

You can generate four different types of order event. When you run the Order Blaster, a list of all the orders that were created and updated is displayed on the Order Acknowledgement page. The following types of order event can be generated:

  • Change Order Updated - An existing change order will be updated provided it is currently pending, it is for the right vendor, and it contains the necessary specification.
  • Change Order Created - A new change order will be created provided that no matching PENDING change order exists and a matching ACCEPTED order exists.
  • Order Updated - An existing, pending order will be updated if a matching, pending order already exists.
  • Order Created - A new order will be created if a given spec is not currently included in any other generated order, to the same vendor, in the current project.
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