Working With Supplier Rating

Supplier Rating is an optional feature available in Noosh. Not all workgroups have Supplier Rating enabled.

The Supplier Rating system allows workgroups to keep track of the performance of their suppliers and use that information to make subsequent purchasing decisions.

How does Supplier Rating work?

  1. A workgroup manager turns on the supplier rating system for the workgroup.
  2. A workgroup account manager creates the supplier rating questionnaire(s) for the entire workgroup.
  3. The workgroup account manager selects the current active questionnaire.
  4. The workgroup account manager specifies an event or order status to trigger the questionnaire.
  5. The order creator completes the supplier rating questionnaire.
  6. Workgroup managers can determine if suppliers can see the results of the supplier rating questionnaire.
  7. Workgroup managers can run a supplier rating report.

How to Complete a Supplier Rating Questionnaire

You may receive a task to complete a supplier rating questionnaire. The supplier rating questionnaire is available anytime an order reaches the order status designated by your workgroup manager. The supplier rating questionnaire may become available when the order reaches: Accepted, Delivered, Shipped, or Completed.

To complete a supplier rating questionnaire:

  1. Navigate to the Project Home page.
  2. Click Orders in the Project menu.
  3. Select List from the Orders drop-down menu.
  4. Click the ID number of the desired order.
  5. Click Supplier Rating located below the Terms and Conditions section on the Order page.
  6. Click Create Rating....
  7. Complete the questionnaire, then click Create Rating.
  8. To edit an existing rating, click Edit Rating....

How to Set Up Supplier Rating

In order to use Supplier Rating, Workgroup Managers need to:

  1. Create at least one Supplier Rating questionnaire.
  2. Edit the Supplier Rating Preferences.

Note: If you do not see the Supplier Rating tab (as described below) your workgroup is not currently subscribed to Supplier Rating. Please contact Noosh if you'd like to modify your services.

To create a Supplier Rating questionnaire:

  1. Click the Admin tab, then click the My Group sub-tab.
  2. Click the Supplier Rating tab.
  3. Click Create Questionnaire... in the Supplier Rating Questionnaires area.
  4. Enter a Name for your supplier rating questionnaire, then specify if the current questionnaire should be the active questionnaire. (You may only have one questionnaire active at any given time).
  5. The questionnaire is divided into sections. Click Add Question to add questions to the different sections. Add a weight for each question. Leave a section blank to not have it counted in the questionnaire.
  6. Make sure the total of all weights is 100%.
  7. Click Create Questionnaire when you have completed building the questionnaire.

To edit Supplier Rating preferences:

  1. Click the Admin tab, then click the My Group sub-tab.
  2. Click the Supplier Rating tab.
  3. Click Edit Preferences in the Supplier Rating Preferences area.
  4. Click Yes to enable the Supplier Rating System.
  5. Choose whether suppliers can see and edit the Supplier Ratings (suppliers will only be able to see their ratings; they will not be able to see ratings for other suppliers).
  6. Choose the active supplier rating questionnaire (you may also do this when creating or editing questionnaires).
  7. Choose an Order Status to trigger the supplier rating questionnaire. The questionnaire cannot be completed until an order has been accepted.
  8. Click Update Preferences.


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