Basic Terminology

Noosh was designed to work the way you do. However, we understand that each organization may work a little differently, so we've opted to use some generic terms that will make sense to most of our customers. Here is a brief terminology overview:

Terminology Definition

Your workgroup is the main company account you are using. For example, you may work for a company with only one main company account in Noosh. If this is the case, all of your company members will be in one workgroup.

If, however, your organization is comprised of multiple organizations, you may have multiple workgroups that fall under one main workgroup.

If this is the case, your workgroup members are most likely the people you work with on a regular basis.

The hierarchy of your workgroup was established by your company administrators and the Noosh Professional Services team.

Projects A project is the container for related specifications, team members and orders. The project container allows you to track information as your project progresses.
Specs Specs, or specifications, contain information to describe the components of your project.

A Contact is an address book entry.

Contacts in Noosh can be "live" contacts or regular contacts. A live contact is created for an existing member of Noosh, and maintains a link to the Noosh database so information regarding the contact will be updated automatically.



A Noosh terminology that depicts the widgets on your dashboard, these Deskoids can be the following; but not limited too:

  • Projects
  • My Hot Projects
  • Project Activity
  • Messages
  • Task by Projects
  • Tasks
  • Project to Estimate


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