Project Basics

What is a project?
A project is the container for related specifications, team members, and orders. The project container allows you to track information as your project progresses. A project can contain other projects (sub-projects). Projects can be categorized so you can easily locate projects of a certain type, or category. In addition, projects can be made inactive. An inactive project is removed from your active project display, but can be reactivated at any time.

What is a Hot Project?
A Hot Project is a designation you can apply to projects. A Hot Project can be any project; the designation is designed for easier filtering of projects.

What is a Project Category?
A project category is a way you can organize projects visible to you. Your project category is only available to you; the projects are available to anyone on the project team.

What is a Sub-Project?
Projects can contain specifications, orders, and other projects. Projects that reside within a project are referred to as "sub-projects". Sub-projects contain the same characteristics as other projects -- sub-projects can contain specifications, orders, and other projects.

What is a Project Status?
A project status is a designation that can be used to internally communicate progress with a project. A project status is not shared with external workgroups; buyer project statuses are not shared with suppliers and supplier statuses are not shared with buyers.

Workgroup managers create statuses all workgroup members can use. Workgroup members can change the status of a project to communicate progress on a project with other workgroup members.






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