Specification Basics

What is a Specification?
Specs, or specifications, contain information to describe the components of your project. You may have multiple specifications included with your project to describe the multiple components of your project.

What is a Spec Counter?
Workgroup managers can create a spec counter to be used by Noosh to assign reference numbers to newly created specs. The spec counter will be used for all newly created specs within a workgroup. If no spec counter is specified, the user may either manually create a spec reference or use the Noosh default spec ID as the spec reference.

What is a Spec Status? 
Specs can have a number of different statuses depending on the stage of a project. The spec status is displayed on the Spec List page which you can view by clicking Specs in the Project Menu.

The various statuses are:

In Estimating The spec is under review by the supplier.
Order Pending The supplier has created an order and the buyer is currently reviewing it.
Order Accepted The buyer has accepted the order.
Partially Shipped The order is currently in the shipment process.
Shipped The order has been shipped to the buyer.
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