File Basics

File Sharing and Privileges

When you attach a file you can share it with others on your project team. You may also give groups and individuals privileges on the file.

What are the different file privileges?

  • Full: Gives the user full privilege to change the sharing privileges, delete the file, open, download, and add a file version and edit the metadata.
  • Edit: Can open, download, and add a file version and can edit the metadata.
  • View: Can open or download the file.

Note: The file owner cannot have privileges removed. The file owner always maintains full privileges for the file.

Why can't I edit the privileges for individuals?

You can edit the privileges for individuals. However, if you have a privilege set for a group of individuals, like Everyone or a Project Team, the privileges for that group are carried over to each individual. If you'd like the different group members to have different privileges, uncheck the group and edit the privileges individually.

What if I'm a buyer and I want to share a file just with my buying project team?

Uncheck Everyone and select Project Team under Teams/Users. The Project Team contains everyone from the buying organization on the project, but does not contain team members from supplying organizations.

What if I'm a buyer and I want to share a file with just one supplier?

Uncheck Everyone and select that individual supplier or that supplier team.

What if I share the file with everyone and then remove suppliers from the project team?

You can dismiss suppliers from an RFE. If the suppliers only involvement with the project is the RFE they are dismissed from, they'll no longer have access to the project. If the suppliers are removed from the project team (they have been dismissed from the only RFEs they've been invited to) the suppliers maintain a "snapshot" of the project. They will not receive any updates to the file or the project, but can continue to download and see everything they had been able to see in a project. If you reinvite the suppliers to a project they'll be able to see this snapshot copy of the file as well as the new "live" file.

What if I don't want someone to have access to files once I remove them from the project team?

Remove their file privileges first.

What if I share a file but those on my Project Team I share it with can't see it?

Make sure the folder(s) containing the file aren't restricted. Even though you can assign sharing to the individual file it can be restricted by the file sharing of its containing folder(s).

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