How to Administer Your Account

This article describes how you administer your account. It provides administration information before the concepts of Memberships and Workgroups are introduced. You will find out how to manage your membership information and perform tasks like changing your personal information, changing your workgroup etc. The topic of Workgroup Information is covered and the steps involved in editing Workgroup Members are covered in detail.

How to Administer Your Account

Workgroup members can change account information specific to their individual account. To change individual account information, click Admin in the main navigation bar, then click My Info. This produces the My Info page.

 Click the Edit button in the various sections to change any of the displayed information.

Workgroup members can change:

  • User Info, including Password, Login, and Personal Information.
  • Preferences, to set up notification preferences, task reminders, and an automatic date populator preference.
  • Extended Notifications, to create email notifications for Noosh members and non-Noosh members.
  • Team Templates, to set up team templates.
  • Automatic Invitations, to select team templates to be used in automatic invitations.

Workgroup managers can change account information for an entire workgroup. Workgroup managers cannot override a workgroup member's settings; rather, workgroup managers have control over other, workgroup-wide, settings. To change workgroup-wide information, click Admin in the main navigation bar, then click My Group. The produces the My Group page.

Workgroup managers can change:

Workgroup Options

  • Info, to change workgroup information such as name and address.
  • Members, to add and remove workgroup members.
  • Extended Notifications, to create email notifications for Noosh members and non-Noosh members.
  • Terms and Conditions, to edit the terms and conditions used for Noosh transactions.
  • User Fields, to create custom fields like those for a project overview for your workgroup.
  • Custom Data, to define custom data types.

Procurement and Spec Options

  • Price Breakouts, to assign required price breakouts to different spec types.
  • Spec Templates, to create spec templates.
  • Additional Unit Pricing, to specify additional unit pricing requirements per spec type.
  • Product Types, to specify product types.
  • RFEs & Estimates, to set RFE and Estimate preferences.

Collaboration Options

  • Project Status, to create project statuses to allow your workgroup to communicate progress within a project.
  • Project Category, to assign projects categories.
  • Tasks, to create new task types and task statuses.
  • Schedule Templates, to create new schedule templates.
  • Events, to add custom event types for your workgroup.
  • Project Milestones, to specify milestones for projects.
  • Time Card, to create and manage time cards.

Third-party Options

  • Suppliers, to approve and register suppliers for use by your workgroup and to set a preference to dismiss unselected suppliers automatically from your workgroup.
  • Supplier Rating, to give your suppliers a rating.
  • Shipment Settings, to add new shipment carriers and new shipment methods for your workgroup.

Note: The workgroup settings listed above are available to all workgroups. Other settings may be available if you have optional features enabled.

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