I am unable to login or loading is too long!

Unable to Login

If you are unable to login, please make sure you typed in the correct USERID or Password.

If you are copy and pasting the USERID or Password, please ensure no spaces are accidentally copied.

If you forgot said USERID or Password, please email the support team at support@noosh.com with the following:

  1. Full name, First and Last
  2. Company Name
  3. Workgroup you are under, if known
  4. Your email

Our Support team will get back to you within the hours of 7AM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time

Logging in is very slow and/or sometimes won't load!

If you are experiencing a long delay when attempting to log into the Noosh Platform please let the page sit and load. Unfortunately, due to the platform pulling a large amount of data from your workgroup; it will cause delays until the information is pulled.

Once you are able to gain access to the platform, please perform the following to prevent any future occurrences. 

  1. Review your homepage, does it have the following deskoids active?
  2. Does the settings under the drop down menu on the right side of that deskoid show "ALL" or any variation to "ALL"?
  3. If so, please change settings to either one of the following options below:
  • "Due today
  • "Due this week"
  • "Due within 7 days"
  • "Received today"
  • "Received past 2 days" 
  • "Received past 7 days"





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