Membership Types

There are two different types of membership within the Noosh 5 service. The collaboration on Noosh 5 occurs between Buyers and Suppliers. Accounts are determined to be Buyers or Suppliers on the workgroup level. If your account is within a Buying organization, your membership will automatically provide you with the benefits of a Buyer. If your account is in a Supplying organization, your membership with automatically provide you with the benefits of a Supplier.

In addition, there are two levels of membership within a workgroup:

  • Managers
  • Members

Managers have administrative privileges for an entire workgroup. As Managers, they can add, activate, and inactivate new members. They can also restrict the privileges of members. Refer to How to add workgroup members for information about adding workgroup members.

Members have accounts on the Noosh 5 service, and can have a variety of project-level privileges. They cannot add other members to the Noosh 5 service; they may be able to add other members to Noosh 5 projects.

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