Client Workspace Layout

The main concept behind the layout of the client workspace is that users can access all available information within one webpage. Once a client user has logged into his/her client workspace account, he/she can create a new project by choosing a spec from the available specs on the left hand side of the page or view the statuses of on-going projects.

A. Specs

The specs section displays all the available specifications that the client can use to create a project with or collaborate with service providers. The contents of each specification are created and managed by the service provider. The specs can be displayed as icons with the name of the spec underneath each icon or as a list of spec names. The icons can be arranged in two, three or four columns depending on the setup of the service provider. The whole spec section can also be minimized, when not being used to create projects, by clicking on the double arrows located in the upper right corner of the spec section.

B. Tasks

The tasks section displays items that require users’ attention or action such as review project or approve quote. Users can click on the individual line item to be taken to that specific project. The whole section can be hidden by clicking on the “-“sign at the top right hand corner of the tasks section

C. Projects

The project section lists all the available projects that the current user can have access to. Users can filter the project list by the following options:

  1. “Active Projects” or “All projects” – “Active projects” will list all current projects that the user has been invited by. “All Projects” will include both active projects and archived projects.
  1. “Show All User Projects” or “Show My Projects” - Depending on the roles and privileges of the current client user, “my projects” represent projects that the user has been invited to while “all user projects” include projects that the user has been invited to plus projects that the user has not been invited to but are created within the workspace by other co-workers. In order to access projects that the user has not been invited to, that user has to have the “View All Projects” privileges. For more details on how to setup roles and privileges, please refer to the document XXXXXX.
  1. Search box – By typing in a word or part of a word in the search box, the project list will display projects containing that word in the project name. At the top of the list will be projects with names that start with the searched word(s). Then projects with names containing the word(s) will be displayed. Users can also search by project or spec ID by entering a string of numbers in the search box. The project list will filter projects with IDs that started with the search criteria.

D. Settings

The settings section display the basic information about the user account. The account representative is the one person on the service provider team who is mainly responsible for all the happenings in this particular workspace. This means that whenever a client creates a project, the representative will be automatically invited to the project. The service provider can always change the name of representative in workspace settings.

The “Team” tab lists the names and emails of all members that have been invited to the workspace. They can be considered as coworkers of the current user.

The current user can manage his basic user profile through the user initial tab in the upper right-hand corner. User can change/manage account information such as login name, email address, passwords as well as setting default country, locale and time zone.

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