Display of Reporting Name within Report Writer

Status: RELEASED 12/3/2016

Starting December 3rd, 2016. Noosh users using reporting can now see Actual reporting names will be displayed, in addition to field names, when Noosh users are creating a report using Noosh’ report writer. This provides Noosh users with a convenient way to see which fields within the dataset correspond to the actual field that they want to report on. This will be very useful for custom fields, especially for project overviews and specs, when duplication of field names can happen.

When users are choosing the data for each column of the report, he/she can choose to display the actual reporting name by clicking on the “Show Reporting Names”. As can be seem from the sample below, there are two possible field names called “Coating 1” to be used as a column. Without the actual reporting names, users will not know easily distinguish between the two. With the reporting names, which in this case are denoting spec field names, users can see that one “coating 1” refers to the coating for the first side of the stock while the other “coating 1” refers to the coating of the second side of the stock.

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