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    Sue Running

    I discovered when I unregister a smart form in my NGE service provider site that the spec is removed from the enterprise Create Spec list. It's nice that I have control to remove it from enterprise spec list but it wasn't clear to me that it would also be deleted from Noosh Groups for good. I learned this by unregistering (deleting) a spec from our production site, luckily it was a test spec that was not being used... yet.  I think the terms “Unregister” and “Delete” in the NGE service provider site is unclear as to what it will impact. Can something be added to the service provider site and/or to ZenDesk to indicate exactly what those actions will do?


    I would also like to be able to create a smart form without registering it to enterprise until I'm ready. 

    I also think it's misleading to be able to register a smart form but unable to create a spec within the enterprise account without having to submit a project to activate the spec functionality.

    I would also like to be able to hide the spec from enterprise but keep active in NGE until I decide if I want to delete it permanently.


    In my mind there should be 4 different scenarios for registering a smart form.

    #1 a smart form is created in NGE but not registered to any workspace (not visible in NGE or Enterprise)

    #2 a smart form is registered to one (or more) workspace(s) and is visible to the Noosh Group client

    #3 a smart form is registered to enterprise as a Spec (but not visible to the Noosh Group client)

    #4 a smart form is registered to one (or more) workspace(s) AND is registered as a spec in enterprise

    I think this flexibility would be extremely useful.


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    Michelle Saito

    Hi Sue,

    Thank you for the great suggestions!  I will make sure our product management team gets this information.


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